We assist companies to develop more sustainable logistics practices


Consumers are choosing to buy products from brands that demonstrate a commitment to the environment and in particular those that are actively trying to reduce their logistics carbon footprint.

Leydin Consulting Group can assist organizations to calculate, reduce and offset their logistics carbon footprint.

We also help organizations to develop more eco friendly packaging solutions


The carbon emissions created by international and domestic shipping represent approximately 10% of the total global carbon emissions.

Before being able to identify potential opportunities to reduce your logistics carbon footprint it is important to understand your current position.

Leydin Consulting Group has developed a sophisticated modeling tool that can accurately calculate the carbon emissions associated with international shipping (airfreight, seafreight and couriers) and domestic transportation (including postal services)

The tool takes actual data readily available from international freight forwarders and domestic transportation service providers and applies it to a number of variables to calculate the current level of emissions.

Our calculation methodology is based on the the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework which is the only globally recognized methodology for calculating and reporting on the logistics carbon footprint across the multi-modal supply chain.

Once the base line has been established the data can be further analyzed to identify opportunities to reduce and offset the existing logistics carbon footprint.

These opportunities can then be re-modeled to calculate the impact of implementing these changes will have on the current level of emissions.

Leydin Consulting Group can provide logistics carbon footprint analysis reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. Reports include detailed information on the number of shipments, kilograms shipped, the  number of kilometers that the shipments travelled between origin and destination and the relevant carbon emissions associated with each shipment.

Data is captured and presented by transportation mode and can also be presented by origin and destination pairs

Sample Carbon Footprint Report

Sample Carbon Footprint Report

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Whilst there is no argument that the monetary cost of using eco friendly packaging is significantly higher, many organisations are now more concerned about the ongoing cost to the environment and as such it is influencing the type of packaging materials that they are using to ship their orders

Leydin Consulting Group has extensive experience assisting organizations to competitively source and transition to more eco friendly packaging alternatives.

Alternative eco friendly packaging items include cardboard cartons and paper mailers manufactured from recycled materials and sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ) certified suppliers to replace plastic shipping satchels and paper tape to replace the traditional plastic tape most commonly used in the majority of warehouses and fulfillment centers.