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Scott Leydin

Scott is the founder and principal consultant at Leydin Consulting Group

He has over 30 years experience leading the logistics functions of a number of iconic brands. Identifying and implementing cost reduction and process improvement opportunities was a major focus of these roles.

Whilst in these roles and now as an independent consultant Scott has initiated and implemented programs that have delivered many millions of dollars in cost savings.

This was achieved by reviewing and benchmarking logistics costs, by constantly challenging the effectiveness of existing logistics processes in order to find a better way and by implementing strict invoice approval processes to ensure service provider charges were in compliance with the agreed rates.

From a strategic perspective Scott has led the development of outsourced logistics networks to support the global expansion of a number of brands. This has included establishing business entities in foreign countries, international freight forwarding networks and third party logistics operations in Asia, North America and Europe.

Recent client engagement have been focused on developing more eco friendly logistics solutions and reviewing the carbon footprint related to logistics operations.

Scotts previous roles have also included operational and management positions within a number of third party logistics service provider organizations

He has also previously operated as a licensed customs broker and holds a post graduate degree in Logistics Operations from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)