What We Do

Leydin Consulting Group is a specialist logistics consultant in Melbourne that works with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Supply Chain and Logistics Managers to:

  • Develop and implement logistics outsourcing strategies
  • Identify and implement opportunities to improve logistics processes
  • Identify and implement opportunities to reduce logistics costs and
  • Develop and implement more eco friendly logistics practices

We offer actionable advice in relation to logistics outsourcing, logistics cost benchmarking, logistics process improvement, logistics cost recoverysustainable logistics practices and we work with our clients to implement the solutions that we develop

Our Areas of Expertise

Logistics Outsourcing

Developing and implementing a logistics outsourcing strategy is a multi faceted undertaking and getting it wrong has a multitude of consequences.

The ongoing process of monitoring and managing logistics service provider cost and performance is as important as the initial process of identifying and evaluating suitable partners.

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Logistics Cost Benchmarking

If you’re in the import, wholesale or retail business then your international freight, import handling costs, warehousing and domestic transportation costs are a significant business expense – regularly benchmarking your logistics costs against what the market has to offer can improve your profitability without having to impact on service

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Simply relying on your ability to negotiate lower rates is not a sustainable strategy for reducing your logistics costs – an end to end review of your logistics processes can also unlock considerable savings

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It is estimated that between 5% to 15% of all logistics invoices contain errors – a systematic approach to pre payment approval or post payment auditing can result in the recovery of substantial amounts of erroneously charged logistics costs and import duty

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Consumer buying behavior is now being influenced by the sustainability and eco friendliness of supply chains.

It has never been more important for companies to have an active strategy to reduce their carbon footprint

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How We Can Help

We know from first hand experience that despite all good intentions the majority of logistics and supply chain managers are simply too busy to effectively pursue all of the potential cost saving and process improvement opportunities that exist within their organizations.

At the end of the day money is being left on the table and we exist to help companies to solve this problem

Typical Results

  • 5 to 20% reduction in logistics costs
  • 1 to 7 days improvement in transit times
  • 50 to 100% increase in costs recovered
  • 20 to 80% reduction in carbon footprint
  • Faster identification and realization of logistics cost savings
  • Improved cash flow

Our Customers

Read our CASE STUDIES to learn more about some of the work we have done for customers such as those listed below


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